Abigail Pastore

From the time 18-year-old singer/songwriter Abigail Pastore was able to talk, she has been creating.  Through poems and songs her talent was apparent early on.  From kindergarten through third grade she attended an arts-based school in New Zealand where Abigail was surrounded by art and music.  She was particularly drawn to traditional folk music with its haunting melodies and beautiful harmonies.

Today, her love of music is not limited to just singing and writing as she studies violin and guitar and is a self-taught pianist.

This California native gained valuable performance experience in theater but has always remained true to her first loves, singing and songwriting.  Abigail is able to weave incredible lyrics with soaring melodies and has the vocal chops to pull it off.  In 2016 she completed her first EP and music video and has begun the process of bringing her music to the world.

Abigail continues to perform both domestically and internationally and has recently played such legendary venues as The Tin Roof and Douglas Corner Café in Nashville.